Took and Passed by Technician Amateur Radio (HAM) License… Again

Once upon a time, I had my HAM Radio License. My call sign was KC5ZOI and I was fairly active while at Southwest Texas State University (now Texas State) in San Marcos, TX. Along the way since then, life, family, kids, and career took a priority and my use of the radio became a thing of the past. Recently however, since becoming significantly re-involved with the Amateur Astronomy world it became clear to me that I should renew my license as many of those in the astronomy community were also HAMs. Upon contacting the FCC, I was quickly told that my license was simply too far gone, even byond the 2-year grace period, and couldn’t be renewed. I would have to re-test. So I got a nifty iPhone app and an Audio book and studied up for a week or so, and PASSED, first try, YAY.

No on to get my General license… and my call sign back (shrug)

A link to the iOS App I used

This is the Audio program I used to study. I really liked this guy. I hope he does one for General as well at some point.

Now if I can just get the guys who proctored the test to complete all the paperwork properly and get it sent in to the ARRL VEC, we’ll be in business…

See you on the air!

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Site Updates and New Telescope

Well, the site is coming along. I’ve been adding some page content about SharePoint and Astronomy. Speaking of astronomy, I recently got a new scope, which I’m enjoying very much. It’s an 18″ Obsession U/C Dobsonian Reflector. It came with pretty much everything I needed to get back into the hobby. It even has the computers and applications to be able to select objects and go to them from my iPad. I know, it takes all the fun out of it, huh?

Check out some pics:

1535695_10152330586391134_3815250715798332679_n1948239_10152330586436134_4506899373574416840_n 10625042_10152330586326134_5735561372113922596_n10559745_10152330586501134_2861152911292050139_n 10612592_10152330586656134_6447922382786191486_n

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Getting back into Astronomy

I once was very into Astronomy. Taught classes at Houston Baptist University, was a volunteer out at the George Observatory, even was the Observatory Director for Southwest Texas State University (now Texas State) for a time. But as with most lifetime hobbies, life, career, and family obligations have kept me quiet on the hobby for many years. Until recently… I started pulling out my old telescope to show some planets to friends and family and it’s rekindled an old love of mine. Almost makes me wonder why I spent over a year learning to fly R/C Helicopters when I could have just been doing Astronomy… Anyhow, I’ve been enjoying reading up on and cruising the classifieds on for  a new scope. Hoping to maybe even make it to a FBAC or HAS meeting sometime soon. As my journey continues, I’ll be sure and post back here with updates, photos, and more. Clear Skies!

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