Getting back into Astronomy

I once was very into Astronomy. Taught classes at Houston Baptist University, was a volunteer out at the George Observatory, even was the Observatory Director for Southwest Texas State University (now Texas State) for a time. But as with most lifetime hobbies, life, career, and family obligations have kept me quiet on the hobby for many years. Until recently… I started pulling out my old telescope to show some planets to friends and family and it’s rekindled an old love of mine. Almost makes me wonder why I spent over a year learning to fly R/C Helicopters when I could have just been doing Astronomy… Anyhow, I’ve been enjoying reading up on and cruising the classifieds on for  a new scope. Hoping to maybe even make it to a FBAC or HAS meeting sometime soon. As my journey continues, I’ll be sure and post back here with updates, photos, and more. Clear Skies!

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